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Number of Sub Sales
It indicates the number of sub-sale (quick resale of uncompleted homes) units sold in a quarter, based on caveats lodge. Data on sub-sales done in core central region, rest of the central region and outside the central region are also provided.

Why it is useful?
Sub-sales are a proxy of speculative activity. At the property peak in the 2nd quarter of 1996, sub-sales formed about 28% of all private home deals.

Number of New Sales
It indicates the total number of new homes, both completed and uncompleted, were sold in a quarter. The figures are compiled from the option data given by developers via a quarterly survey. The option data refers to the option a developer gives to a buyer when the latter pays a booking fee to buy a property. The data also shows the sales done in different areas.

Why it is useful?
Sales figures indicate demand and reflect the confidence level in the private property market. The data also shows which areas has done better in a given quarter.

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